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Dumbbell exercises to master by Greatist

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HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

These are 5 great movements to add to your regiment.

The idea is to do each movement (with “high intensity”) for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest (or jogging in place) in between each one. For a complete 15-minute workout do 6 rounds of the combo of the 5 movements. You will definitely feel the burn and thank God for water afterwards.

Courtesy of @kymnonstop on youtube. Check her out!!

I personally really love doing the 2nd, 7th, & last one. 

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if yall would like me to post a video of stretches i do to get me ready for dance/workout let me know!

So I weighed myself after a long time

to find out i stopped losing weight..its really weird I dont gain and I dont lose. I stay at the same weight. I’ve been making sure i dont take in an excess amount of calories than i burn but now its time to burn more calories than i actually eat. I have all this body fat etc stored up. I will be posting my workouts that i do; mainly “HIIT” workouts. I follow an amazing woman on youtube that helps keep me track with exercise and having fun while i do it! questions? just ask!!

-Kat <3

do you guys want me to post a workout playlist that helps me?


Need to remember this.


Need to remember this.

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Quotes About Life #NewPost [21]


Quotes About Life #NewPost [21]

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Breakfast this morning before dance:

Small bowl of Cheerios
Granola bar (peanuts)